Property Distribution Law In Islam

Islamic law, also known as Sharia, is a comprehensive system of laws and regulations that govern all aspects of life for Muslims. One of the most important areas of Sharia law is property distribution, which outlines how assets are to be divided after a person’s death. This article will provide an overview of Islamic law for property distribution, including its principles, procedures, and practices.

Principles of Islamic Law for Property Distribution

Islamic law for property distribution is based on the principles of fairness and justice. According to Sharia law, every individual has the right to own property and assets, but they are not free to dispose of them in any way they please. Instead, Sharia law dictates that a certain portion of the deceased’s assets must be distributed to specific family members in a predetermined manner.

The distribution of assets is based on the concept of ‘faraid’, which means ‘obligatory share.’ This means that certain family members have a right to a share of the deceased’s assets, regardless of what the will may say. The ‘faraid’ system is based on rules that determine the distribution of assets among the heirs.

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